You're sending him mixed signals and confusing the issue.

I sort of am ... that list was not given or discussed with him ever. But I should have known myself better than that - I should have known that I would never be ok with them hanging out.

Don't let the low points in the roller coaster ride affect you so much because it appears they'll be offset by high points...and the trend is still upward. The glass is still half full, TFC.

Half full indeed! I am grateful for the progress we've made - I just wanted to be sure that we continued this progress while also being completely honest with him about my feelings. I just want to be sure I approach this subject gently ...

Not sure how to bring it up, but I feel like I need to say something about it. Any woman who's tried to bed my H is NOT a friend of the M (just as any man behaving/talking with me in that manner is not welcome as a friend either).