Just read through Joseph's Letter and LovingAlong's thread. I just worry that because I had an A first, a lot of these things don't apply ... make sense? I'm not trying to be stubborn, I promise!

Its just so weird - almost like what I imagine withdrawal would be like. I never experienced withdrawal from OM - I was glad to have him gone! But now I think I'm experiencing withdrawal from my H! He would cuddle with me at night even during his A, and now he doesn't. In the middle of the night last night he had the dog in bed cuddling - I told him if he wanted to cuddle with something in our bed it should be me. He mentioned it today ... I repeated what I'd said last night. He said (jokingly?) "Cuddle with your hot [censored]? Whatever! You get me all hot and sweaty." I was HOPING this would go to "hot and bothered" ... LOL, but no such luck. So, how long should I expect this? How long can I survive in an unaffectionate marriage with affection being a top EN?

Can you tell I'm really getting depressed about this?