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My concern is the fact that you feel that you can't bring it up...Why? Is your lack of action based on what YOU think he will say? If that's the case, how can you live life continually reacting to things?

I can't bring it (or a lot of things) up b/c I don't feel "safe" in doing so. I realized that he prob felt the same way a little while ago, and have tried my best to create an open forum for calm discussion, with no retribution. My H has been quite on-edge as of late, so I generally walk on eggshells to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Sometimes...well, most of the time, it's better from my experience to live beyond that fear...fear is courage turned inside out! not to mention, typically what "WE" think will happen will not...but as human beings we hold committee meetings in our heads playing out what will happen...

So, how do you break through the fear? I do have that committee - it speaks more than I do, I think. I assume that I know H well enough to know what his reaction will be to almost everything. I'm rarely proven wrong, but that could be because I don't take the risk often to find out.

The defintion of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results! For the longest time I didn't "GET IT"...

You know, I say this all the time! Time for me to practice what I preach?