I was actually quite calm about throwing the D ball back ... I guess I'm just sick of the threats.

{{Here’s an excerpt from the book about the continuing story of TFC and Hubby.

TFC turned to hubby with a concerned expression. “You know what, honey?” she said without any particular intonation. “If you keep acting like DD when she was two years old and throwing a tantrum, I think your suggestion of a “D” might be the best thing for everyone concerned.” }} Forgive my impertinence, okay?

Funny stuff, LH! Should I decide to make a book about this, maybe I'll enlist you as a ghostwriter! LOL

I'm sorry I've not responded about IC comments ... nothing to note, except I don't have another appointment scheduled until next week. I'm just making notes as I go along of stuff to bring up in my next session.

My best friend is moving back here! I'm so excited! Having her closer will be great for me. She will help with DD and be there for me when H is out of town. I am looking forward to having her here to hold me to being an older, wiser version of that girl I used to be!

I'll try to be better about included all pertinent info in one post ... I just feel like I get so long-winded sometimes. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />