Well, your friend certainly isn't given to obfuscation, is she? I’m sure she has her reasons for her opinions.

Exposure to MIL and FIL will bring on a confrontation. You’ll still need to be prepared for everything, including him having an epiphany and repenting.

By the way, you don’t have to let him know you looked at the cell phone records, etc. All you have to do is tell him you know about the new girl and you know about his friend asking if he wants to rent a room. As you say, he knows what he’s done and you’re not preparing evidence for presentation in a court of law. That you can identify the new OW and his friend’s willingness to get involved in this are plenty for him to know.

Darn, whatever he says and does, this clearly sets the clock on recovery back to zero.

Planning for Plan B takes as long as it takes. Make sure you’re ready first…see what the new exposure elicits…then see your attorney. Seems to me your WH’s attitudes, if he doesn’t make an immediate turnaround, might lead him to be less than financially supportive.