My best friend and I are very different people ... she wouldn't have married him in the 1st place. But she is all out of ideas and advice. Its ok - I have to understand. She's always there to vent to, and that's what really counts.

I'm not prepared for him to repent ... I guess I should be, but I don't want to get my hopes up. I enjoyed Saturday so much, that I think I'm close to prepared emotionally for Plan B.

Seems to me your WH’s attitudes, if he doesn’t make an immediate turnaround, might lead him to be less than financially supportive.

That's whats so odd ... he's been so much better about being financially supportive as of late. But it would be a rude awakening (at least financially) to not have me.

Looks like a confrontation is in order this week. Maybe tonight? Not sure.

I've thought about posing as the original OW and sending him an email to see if he bites ... maybe this is too sneaky?

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