I wasn't in tears last night, but I am today ... I am more confused than ever!

DDay 12/26/06 - NC in place & kept
Jan 2007 - BH starts going out all the time, spending lots of money, making new (questionable)friends, job has him traveling more & more
March 1 - H begins A with OW - in town, but doesn't come home after going out
H doesn't come home 7 days in March that he is in town.
March 6 - we had MC with SH, H was texting OW during the session
March 17 - 6 yr anniversary - H spent it with OW
March 22-30 - H traveling for work - gathers numerous women's phone numbers, uses them a plenty, and has to mail 1 girl's jewelry back to her upon his arrival home
March 31 - I find nasty pics in his car from last trip - expose A and all behavior to family & friends
April 1 - Confront H about all the women, pictures, and OW - H agrees to straighten up
April 2-7 - I take DD to beach, H travels for work ... during this week he lied about talking to OW + others, still picked up new phone numbers
April 9 - found out H had been spending the night with OW
April 10 - confronted H, asked him to leave ... explained that when he found out about my A, I ended it - I expect the same, H agrees to end it
April 11 - H tells me he's ended it with OW
April 12 - H lied - still in contact with OW, told H I'd found an apartment for him and will be placing a deposit on it during my lunch time ... H agrees to really end things with OW, but won't do it in front of me. H ends A.
April 18 - OW sends H email miss him, H doesn't respond but never told me about it either
April 28 - H lies about what he did after work out of town, I find out next day and confront
May 1 - H runs into XOM out of town, but remains fairly calm
May 5 - H is in town, I find out he's telling girls at the bar that he is getting a D
May 6-12 - H travels to CA, doesn't answer any calls or TMs the whole trip, but returns calls later, tells me he's surprising me for Mother's day by coming home and then holds it over my head all week
May 13 - H acts like a jerk all day, finally acts nice in the evening and we talked - seems like things are getting better again

I can't handle any more right now ... we do good for a week or so, but the whole time he just keeps on doing whatever he wants. We only get better b/c I cut back on snooping when we're getting along. Then I decide to check, and lo and behold! He's been talking to all these girls all along, and I had no clue! So, he acts more and more each day like he wants to work it out and then does/says something that takes it back to zero.

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