H was home last night. We were supposed to watch a movie together, but we didn't get the one we thought we were getting. So, he worked with headphones on while I watched the movie. I wasn't angry, just sad. Before bed I asked if I could talk to him about something to prevent going to bed upset. He stopped and listened. I explained that my feelings were hurt that he'd made a big deal about being home and then hardly said a word to me all night and worked with headphones on. He apologized, said he was just focused on getting that work finished. Then we discussed his travel schedule. I expressed concern about 1 place he was going b/c OW is there a lot. He blew it off.

This morning I woke up depressed, not angry, just depressed. I just started crying. I woke H and asked if we could talk for a second. I explained that I'm sad and lonely - that he doesn't even hug me anymore and that my feelings/concerns last night were minimized. He just said "sorry" and left the room. A few minutes later he told me that we'd talk about it ... but went on to talk about it.

He said that my snooping and lack of support (referring to my concern last night) are what's caused him to back off from me. I explained that I am still very supportive of his career but would occasionally need reassurance about situations like last night, where OW is concerned. He explained that he has no reassurance, no matter how hard I try I can't reassure him ... He then said that he knows I make a lot of sacrifices for the family and his career, but he makes them too. I stated that I know he does and I appreciate especially the ones he's been making lately. Then he said that he's sacrificed his manhood, dignity, and integrity.

He makes a good point.

We need MC ... BAD!!!