I haven't told him yet what I'll expect should he choose to commit. He says he's ready to, but I suppose it would only be fair to discuss the parameters first? He says that he realizes that he has contributed enormously to the demise of our marriage. He said that he knew he needed to be the one to take the next step since I've worked so hard over the last 6 months. He recognized that my impatience today is a result of my anger & frustration with his lack of meeting any of my needs. So, he's saying the right things ...

Yea...but actions show progress. Right now words are probably not enough, right? Don't settle for a little. Let him know the words sound good but action is now required to help you feel safe. Don't worry about ILY's. He needs to show it, not just say it. See how the level is raised? It should NOT be lowered. If he tries to get you t/b satisfied with only his words....he is playing you and you s/b angry. If he shows action make sure it is his best and not token service.