He can go from affectionate to hateful in a single afternoon because he’s been in contact with another of those young women, whether it's a new OW or any of the others he’s been in contact with in the past. It’s fairly typical to see a radical change of mood like that when they get a “fix” of contact with an OW.

I know for sure it isn't the old OW, or any others he was talking to before. Its a whole new set of them. I asked him about "being himself" involving women - chatting them up, flirting with them, exchanging phone numbers, etc. He claims it has nothing to do with that (yeah right).

Last night he was uber-affectionate and kind. He apologized for saying all those things the night before. I told him that I wasn't going to bed feeling that unloved anymore - it has happened all too much and I won't take it anymore.

My best friend and I have discussed this at great length: When he's in town and with me, he's making a great effort. When he's out of town and in party-mode, he's hateful and verbally abusive. This leaves a couple of options ... (1) He's on drugs; (2) he has an alcohol problem; (3) he's addicted to the attention from other women; (4) all the above.

I feel bad that I don't particularly blow up his ego anymore, I know that's something a man needs from his wife. But he's getting it blown up all over the US, and I feel like its getting out of control. We've always had a rule that at home he's a regular guy - a husband and a father. And I enforce that rule big time! I have been sure to complement when he's being a good husband or father, but I don't say anything about his career anymore. Matter of fact, I prefer not to discuss it at all anymore. I used to play such a big role in his decision-making and planning for his career. But now, he doesn't want me to be any part of it, except to be encouraging. While I am supportive, I feel like a lot of the time he goes out of his way to throw in my face that I am not "allowed" to participate anymore.

Am I making sense?

I'm looking forward to our next MC session ... its me alone with the MC. I've been making notes of things to discuss. Hopefully I can fit most of it into the hour! LOL