Hard question to answer, TFC. You've been dealing with this for a long time and it's beginning to show. The quick answer is to get your Plan B ready to implement. Plan B is designed to preserve what love can be retained and not suffer any further debilitation. It’s a refuge from exactly what you’re feeling now. On the other hand, the struggle has been to get him to agree to MC and one would think you need to give that some time to work, if WH is actually participating in good faith. A puzzle indeed.

I don’t see an easy answer. If you can, keep on with your modified Plan A, but I would concentrate on keeping your boundaries intact and doing 180 wherever you see fit. In a sense, I think letting WH get even more of a glimpse of the fact that you are losing patience can be a good thing. I think that’s part and parcel of the 180 concept and may work to your advantage because I believe your WH is a master manipulator. When he sees his manipulations aren’t working, he scrambles to placate you.

Where you can, do things that take your mind off this situation. Physical activity, perhaps a trip with your best friend to (wherever) for (whatever reason) can be good. Change your routine, mix it up, anything you can do to revitalize yourself is a thing you should do.

The whole point is to get just that little extra time where you can be patient enough to give MC a chance. I think that is the best you can do while you wait for a few more MC sessions.

That having been said, TFC, if you keep discovering new OW and you continue to experience a continued lack of respect for you and the marriage from your WH, your love is going to die a hard death. Before that happens, please think of how you can pull the trigger on Plan B. Be ready, keep the plan on the back burner, but begin to think of how you would apply it.

Hang tough, lady.