I think the hidden agenda is just his own ego and convenience.

It hurts so bad that not only doesn't he care what he's been like over the last 6-7 months (or more), but he supposedly is "trying" and we are "friends" and "meant to be together", but doesn't want me at his bday party. And he knows he's being selfish - he said so - and still doesn't take the appropriate steps to make the effort. He just wants to wait until our next MC session to talk about this stuff or take strides in any direction (other than up his own rear-end) - that was mean, sorry.

I realize that Plan B is to protect myself and my love for him, but I'm afraid that if I did Plan B I wouldn't have any love left and it would really be over. I just want to try - I really can see this working, if he will make a little more effort. I even recognize that I haven't been trying as hard over the last week or so ... and I admitted that to him and apologized for it.

I want our life together to be as important to him as his career ... is that too much to ask???