So, the last couple of month have been going pretty good. We communicate much better and are more open to suggestions from one another. I am proud to say that I don't think I'm always right anymore, and I apologize when I know I'm wrong or have hurt his feelings (something that rarely ever happened before). He's made great strides and I'm proud of how far we've come. We've been doing great, with very few exceptions. Those exceptions are what bring me back here ...

The other day, he changed all his passwords! To me that means he's hiding something. To him it means he was tired of me being nosy and wanted privacy. It bothers me a lot. And it bothers me even more knowing that he added an ex-girlfriend to his page on one of those networking sites without telling me. Granted she's married now, but still ... its a breeding ground for an affair!

He still isn't wearing a wedding band. I asked him about it last night, and he had the right answer (as usual) but probably won't follow through. I'd believe that he would follow through had we not already had this discussion a couple of times and there have been no indications of follow through thus far.

And he's back to traveling a lot, which is fine. But before he started up again, we talked about what I needed while he was gone so that I felt important and loved instead of neglected. We talked about it and I gave very direct examples of what I would like. Its not much, and they aren't way-out, off-the-wall things. Yet he doesn't do them. I'm not sure if its that he doesn't care, or if he just forgets. Either way, its not a good sign to me.

So I'm a little lost right now, and really questioning some things. I want to be married to this man so badly, but I want it to be a marriage that makes both of us happy. Right now, I'm lonely all over again.