If I remember correctly, Dr. Harley warns betrayed spouses in SAA that they may never get an apology. I recall any number of threads out here where that prediction has been shown to be very accurate. You may have to look for an apology in his "body language" (his actions) more than you do his words.

He has the upper hand? That phrase concerns me. It indicates there has been much less progress than you say and that his ego is still getting in the way of successful recovery.

Has he been going to MC with you and participating, or just going through the motions? You know? I think I already know the answer. After a short period where he enthusiastically worked on the marriage, his commitment dramatically fell off, didn't it? The more distant his epiphany retreated from the forefront of his mind, the less enthusiasm he displayed. Now his commitment, and the relationship in general, is just about back where it was six months ago?