From my end of things, I realize that sex is his most important need so I give it to him on a regular basis, even if I don't really feel like it. I am also trying to open up more sexually, be more sexualized, like trying to think about sex more, doing kegels, incorporating a vibrator to make sex better for me. It hasn't really helped much yet, but hopefully with time I will enjoy SF more than I do now.

My husband on his end, recognizes (or at least tries to) that he is not entitled to sex whenever he wants it and has to respect my body, and pressuring me to have sex when I really don't want it will make me resent having sex with him, which really exacerbates the problem. This is hard for him as he has such a high libido and can't think when he's horny.

It really sets us back when he demands sex because it causes me to resent him and I want to have sex even less so he gets sex less, is more frustrated, and around we go.

SO, in conclusion, I try to give him SF often enough that he doesn't become frustrated and demand SF. He tries not to pressure me for sex so I can feel more open and comfortable.

The problem isn't fixed and I am not sure it ever will be because I will never want SF as much as he does.

BTW, we probably have SF 4-5 times a week on average. We don't have kids and are roughly the same age as your and your fiance. We spend ALL of our free time together and generally get along and have a loving relationship.

Hope this helps.