At the request of an MB friend who helped me in my previous thread, I'm reposting this here, originally posted on the After Divorce: Dating and Relationships board...

Here I find myself in this forum, after many months on GQII.

My sig line has my timeline. Until recently I'd been trying to work toward reconciliation with XH by working Plan A with a 180, with no success. We're friends at least - I'd hoped for more, but he chose to say no. I kept working the Plan, in the hopes he'd reconsider, but after several months of the same, it appears that our relationship stops at friendship and nothing more. I'm happy about that much at least.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, a gentleman asked me out to dinner last week! We'd met in person once before, and had corresponded by email a few times. We both share a common hobby, Geocaching. After some inner debate as to whether to accept this invitation or not, and with the encouragement of my friends and some of the good folks here at MB, I decided to accept. We had a wonderful time, and since then, have spent some time together, getting to know each other better.

He's a gentleman in every respect - respect being the operative word. It's been a long time since I felt that someone was actually interested in what I had to say, how I feel, and I find him fascinating too.

We've spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other. We're taking things slowly, and one day at a time. I have felt comfortable telling him about the 'place' that I am in, and while he's never been married, no kids, he has had a couple of long-term relationships that ended badly. He's been on his own for just over a year now.

We're both a little cautious, guarded, and we're both fine with taking things slowly and not putting pressure on things.

After our nice dinner last week, we've been on a picnic by the lake, and we went out Geocaching together. I'd say that RC is one of his important EN - and I've discovered that for me it has more importance than I might have thought.

It seems that I'm starting on a new journey, in a totally different direction. I never saw it coming - but now that I'm here, I'm enjoying the ride.

Any advice? There aren't any problems or red flags... I just want to continue working on myself, so that I can be the best dating partner I can be, and learn to listen to myself if I do spot a red flag - I've been known to ignore them in the past...

I have to say, it's really nice to receive a good morning email, or a phone call, or to have a door opened for me... I could get used to all that

Life had been pretty good recently - now that I can look forward to a little accompanied recreation, it just got a bit better!


F/40, DD15 DS13 M 1989 DDay his EA May 1998. S Aug 2004. D Dec 05. I filed. 4/07 Post-D Plan A with 180, with hopes of R. 6/23/07 XH said no to R. 8/24/07 Went on a date with someone new, "B". 1/22/08 Still seeing B, life is good! Learning and growing each day. Ask me about Geocaching!