I should update too, I guess <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> B and I are spending a fair amount of time together, sometimes in the evening he drops by the shop for a little while. Last night we and the kids went to dinner again, and he came over for a while to watch TV with me. He loves to snuggle - and so do I. We've spent countless hours talking about stuff - and while some of it is serious stuff, I've never laughed so hard, and so often in my life. We have a very similar sense of humour, and once we find something funny, we laugh and laugh - I've had my cheeks hurting, stomach hurting and tears streaming down my face and so has he. I can't tell you when that happened last.

We've done more geocaching and all kinds of outdoors stuff. I've made more recreational time for myself and for us lately than I had in a long time - it's good incentive to manage my work time better so my free time is just that. And B's work schedule jives with mine - that's not easy to do when I'm in retail - I was a bit afraid that my work schedule would be somewhat intimidating to anyone I'd date, but thusfar that's working out just fine too. He does not interfere with my work, but he's fascinated by it and he asks me a lot of questions about what I do, and if he's around the shop while I'm helping someone troubleshoot, he takes it all in, and even asks questions that help shed light on the whys and wherefores.

I was a bit nervous that my nerdy line of work might be boring to him - but it's quite the opposite. Not everybody would be interested in what I do, unless they participated in the hobby that is my livelihood - but B says he's always interested in learning new things, and I can tell by the questions he asks and the interest that he shows, that he's genuinely interested, not just going through the motions or making conversation for the sake of doing so. That's very intoxicating, and after hearing me interact with others in my field, and with clients, he's expressed to me that he feels that I'm quite well versed in what I do (and honestly - I am! It's nice to hear that from somebody else though!).

Again - we're still moving one day at a time - neither of us wants to push the other, which is very nice, and thusfar we seem to be moving at an equal pace.

Little things that are important to me, are important to him too. He's all about details, and so am I, and we've both expressed this - appreciation for little things that we do for each other.

And I'm not forgetting about my other friends either. B has met several of them - I haven't met his "people" yet - haven't had a chance to yet but he's been around when other friends of mine have come in to the shop to visit and such.

This Friday I'm going to girls' Bunco night out. Next weekend he's going to a geocaching camp-out in a neighbouring state - I can't get away for that but I would if I could.. but XH is taking our kids camping so I'll have to mind the shop. That's OK - it's important for us to continue to do our own things too, and it will give us more things to talk about.

There's a couple of other geocaching events on the horizon that are closer to home, and I'm going to attend them if I can get away from work for a few hours when they happen, and B and I will attend them together. We've also talked about other recreational things we'd like to do, if/when we can get the time. All in good time.

For the first time in a long time I'm feeling very peaceful and content with how things are. Not needy, not desperate, just content with today. Not fretting about tomorrow, not worried about "what if"... just being happy within myself and where I am now, and very grateful that there's somebody who seems to really enjoy the here and now along side me.


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