Bunco is a dice game - not sure if it can be played virtually but I'd bet there's probably something on yahoo games or whatnot. I had a blast. Didn't win any prizes but I did well. It's a progressive game so every round you change tables and change partners so it's a great way to socialize and catch up with old friends and meet new ones. There were 16 of us playing last night if you count the "dummy"! We were short one player so the "dummy" traveled with one of us for each round LOL! (I'm with Dummy, Dummy is with me!)

I actually got to leave work a bit early today - 2 1/2 hours. XH has been out sick all week and didn't do any drive-by visits after Tuesday evening. He's still feeling a bit punk but it's slow today and I came home. I'm only a half mile away so if it gets busy I can come back if needed.

I had originally wanted to go to a geocache event this morning with B if I could have managed the time off but with XH sick - he didn't answer my email about the time off and he thought it was another day - no biggie, so instead he was OK with letting me duck out a bit early (funny how POJA can apply to any relationship!)

I also had a chance today to speak with XH about some other matters concerning the store and our financial arrangements and all is good on that front (whew!)...

B will likely call me when he's done the geocaching event today and we'll probably do something tonight. My fave restaurant has live music tonight (I think) so that's a possibility... or just a quiet evening with a movie perhaps. My kids are off school for the next week (bizarre school calendar) and XH is taking them camping next weekend, and DS said he might want to go to his father's tomorrow - so I'm just playing it all by ear. It's nice to 'plan' but it's also nice to just take things as they come too.


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