Is it *onday already?

I was able to leave work a bit early Saturday. B and the kids and I went to the Mexican restaurant that I trade with for dinner - they had live music. The restaurant used to have a good band there occasionally - but this time it was another band, and they were so excruciating we left before the end of the first set! No worries - dinner was good and we spent a quiet evening at home watching TV.

Originally I'd hoped to have the morning off on Saturday to attend a geocaching event with B, but XH was out sick all week and never confirmed if I could take the time - so I just went in. He felt badly that he'd misunderstood the date/time - no biggie.

I worked my usual shift on Sunday and DS went to XH's after work, DD was out with her BF and his family to Six Flags. Sunday morning I bought groceries and initially I'd planned for dinner for all of us at home - but since the kids went their separate ways, I fixed dinner for B and me. We had a good dinner and relaxed at my place for a while, before he went home for the night.

Today is my "off" day at work which means the shop is closed, so I went in to check on things and place a couple of orders like I usually do, went to the bank etc. and came home. I seem to have caught the crud that XH has had all last week and DD is coming down with too. Glad to have a slow day here, having a cup of hot tea and just relaxing for a while trying to fight off the pounding in my sinuses... I hate sick!

B is at work of course - he had one job this morning and possibly another this aft - he said he'd give me a call later, and perhaps early this evening we'd go and get a few geocaches that we opted not to do yesterday. We'll see - we both like playing things by ear sometimes - if we're up to it we will - if not - there's always another day.

I need to take DD over to the dry cleaner with her homecoming gown (my friend got it for her at Goodwill) to have it cleaned and fitted for alterations. That's next on the agenda then I'm going to put my feet up for a while - I've been busy the last couple of weeks!

Things are going well - B and I continue to get to know each other - I'm glad that he enjoys conversation - sometimes it's just silliness, sometimes it's quite serious as we get to know each other better - but it's always animated and fun.

Have I mentioned that life is good?


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