I have a problem with gabbing when nervous. It gets much better when I feel more at ease with someone.

She is my intellectual equal, with enough of a difference to throw in some spice. She's also financially independent, never married and no kids. I'm the one nervous since I'm the one with the baggage. She seems really cool about it, though.

I was worried i over played my hand on Sunday and let the conversation get a little heavy, but she wants to get together tonight and Thursday since we won't see each other when I have my kids. We're also going to go to a football game together, so things are looking good.

She also texts me a bunch, which is cool too.

Fires do seem to last longer when they start with a slow burn. I was in over my head in the past as well, but this looks like a thing of the past and I'm much much smarter about how I interact with a woman now.

I posted some more details about my time with an IC on my own thread if you care to read it. I also decided I don't need to hide my name. My ex reads my posts, but they're shifting from getting over the pain she's put me through to really moving forward with my life and exploring new relationships and getting in great shape. She can read all about that if she wishes. I'm not going to hide anymore since it obviously hasn't worked with my 3rd name change!

Heck, I may even go back to Papaof3. Gotta admit that kingleonidas was a cool handle, though.

Hope he stays "normal" and doesn't grow a second head on you. I hate it when that happens!

It's great that you share a common interest too. That's a great thing to have.

D-Day 28 Feb 06
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She moved away with the kids April 08. I contested it and got a lot more time with my kids. She's unhappy that I want to stay involved in their lives and don't settle for being an "every other weekend" dad.

Never going to happen.

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