LOL well I was at Kmart picking up a few things - I don't open til 4 today and thought I could use the solitude to get some stuff done, well XBIL just called as I was checking out to tell me he's on his way back here - no re-load yet.


On a positive side - I treated myself to 2 new pairs of jeans and a couple of unmentionables today - I'm wearing regular sizes (no "plus" or "w" tagged on) for the first time in probably 15 or more years!!!

B had given me a gift card a couple of weeks ago - and I spent it (and then some!)

I was nearly afraid to try on regular sized jeans - but to my shock and awe - they fit!

So I guess I shouldn't complain...

Just got in the door and I have to put my purchases away - Bro will be calling shortly for me to pick him up (he parks the rig behind my shop - only a half mile away) - there's no point in getting into big housework now.

I don't get any more time off til next week - unless you count Sunday morning...

Oh well...


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