I haven't had time to post here for a few days - busy busy. Between marching band with DD, work, playtime... I barely sit still anymore!

Everything is still going *very* well. B and I both had some free time on Monday and Tuesday and we did some geocaching in the afternoons.

Big high school football grudge match tonight, B and I are going. XH is picking up DS from his field trip at his middle school next door, and they are going to the game too.

Tomorrow there's a geocaching event (lunch event) so B and I plan to attend that and DS wants to go. DD has yet another marching band competition...

Then next Wednesday B and I are going to the hockey game. My home team will be in town, and a friend of mine was able to get me half price tickets so we're going! I love hockey!

I told B that I'll try not to embarrass him *g*... seriously I'm an enthusiastic fan of my team but I'm not a nut... at least *I* don't think so! I told him I buy the whole seat but I usually only sit on the edge! Can't wait for that! I never did get to a game last year, and my team is kicking booty and taking names!

So that's the latest... things are humming along nicely.

Life was good before - now it's great!


F/40, DD15 DS13 M 1989 DDay his EA May 1998. S Aug 2004. D Dec 05. I filed. 4/07 Post-D Plan A with 180, with hopes of R. 6/23/07 XH said no to R. 8/24/07 Went on a date with someone new, "B". 1/22/08 Still seeing B, life is good! Learning and growing each day. Ask me about Geocaching!