I met B's Mom last night. What a nice lady... totally different from B, but nice in a different sort of way.

B loves his Mom and they are close, but at times he can only "take" her in small doses. I'm sure many of us can relate to that (I can!). They have totally different personalities.

We (B, his Mom, my kids and myself) went to dinner last night. B's Mom chattered away about her work (according to B she just returned to the work force recently - to me she presents herself very professionally)...I asked her questions about what type of work she does and etc. B remained pretty quiet. When I spoke, I'd make eye contact with B as well as with his Mom, but for the most part he seemed a bit zoned out while his Mom was talking LOL! I almost felt like I was ignoring B while his Mom chatted... so I made sure to speak "to" B as well as his Mom.

I think I made a good impression. Well I wasn't trying to "impress" per se... but if she came away with a favourable notion of who I am, that's great!

This evening after work I'll go by B's and pick up his doggie... he was going to bring her over last night but I have a feeling he didn't want to part with her just yet! She's such a sweet creature. He's got an aquarium too so I'll tend to that while he's away. Gee it's only 4 days (3 nights)... not a month... LOL!

Well this weekend between this that and the other, I should be kept hopping. It will be Sunday before I know it!


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