Ace, I just put in my 2 cents over there and I'm watching the topic <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Went by B's last night and picked up his doggie. She misses her daddy but she's settled in nicely here. B made it to his Grandma's and he sent me an IM yesterday afternoon when he got there, and we talked on the phone last night between DD's phone calls - dang I feel like her answering service! I don't use the phone much... but lately I have to make an appointment! Ah, teenagers!

Busy day/weekend for me... got work at the shop, then Homecoming football game (I volunteer in the concession stand to pay for DD's band scholarship), DS is in middle school but his band is playing at the game too. XH is still out of town but due back today sometime. I don't know if he'll attend the game or not - likely not. So somehow I have to juggle it all... then tomorrow there's a lot of work at the shop, have to go to the airport to pick up a shipment, XH has a tank to move on Saturday and one on Sunday. Tomorrow is his b'day and I wanted to give him the weekend off but customers had other notions. We have agreed (a la POJA!) that he'll take next weekend off as the work this weekend can't be rescheduled (customers moving, have to be OUT, short notice...and XH is currently out of town). Besides, the kids will be able to spend the weekend with him, I think DD has a football game Friday night, but otherwise she'll be free so they can have some quality and quantity time together.

B will be back before I know it (on Sunday). I don't expect to see him after a long drive back, but he did say he'd see me... I guess he'll want to pick up his pooch anyway <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I'll play that by ear.

Routine *should* be back to normal on Monday - but I just had email from a client who is selling her tank to someone out of state who's coming to pick it up from her on Monday and they might need somebody to pack up the fish and corals for travel... so I might have an abbreviated half day off.

B has a full work schedule next week too. Often he's finished by 2:00 and on my short days we spend some time together, but that may not happen this week either. That's OK - we'll work out some together time when we can. It's good that we're both somewhat flexible. When he first asked me out I was worried that my weird work schedule may not have been conducive to a relationship, but so far it's all working out nicely. He comes by the shop sometimes - he doesn't interfere with my work, and sometimes he even lends a hand, so it's nice. Finding time and things to do together outside of my wacky schedule hasn't been a problem either. It's all good!

Well I'd best get my kiester into gear - lots for me to do today!


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