Wow I haven't posted here in 10 days! Time flies...

Work has been busy - sorta... kids have kept me busy, and spending time with B. Life is good and keeps getting better.

B had some time off this past week and came in and pitched in at the shop. It was his idea.. I didn't ask, he volunteered! Then after doing all kinds of stuff that helped me catch up some, he thanked me for all I taught him! How amazing is that?

Aside from the obvious results of the work that he did in the shop, the boost to my morale was immeasurable. I thanked him profoundly for all that he did - gave me such an emotional lift... XH has been busy and had out calls for customers this week and the kids had this and that going on (XH helps with that stuff) - I was a bit overwhelmed at work, and while I don't "complain" as such, I do talk about it sometimes, and B had the time and he just showed up and pitched in. Even XH was impressed and thanked B so much for all that he did. Not only did he help - but he did an exceptional job at the tasks he took on!

B and I have also been socializing a bit more. Friends/customers of mine have become fast friends of his too, and last Friday night we went out to dinner with the other couple, and then to the coffee house where one works for some live music. Saturday night it was a quiet evening here, then Sunday he did his thing, I did mine. We got together a few times during the week, including his helping me out at work. Friday night we had a quiet evening at his place (one of my kids was with XH, the other at a football game). Last night we went to a Geocaching gathering then stopped at the coffee house on the way home for live music (DS was still at XH's and DD was at a hockey game with her BF). Tonight I'm home procrastinating about doing the mountain of laundry I've got... B is home doing his laundry quite likely LOL!

I think he has a short work day tomorrow, as do I, so we'll probably do a bit of geocaching in the afternoon. Stinks that the daylight evaporates so quickly these days... cuts into caching time!

At least the marching band/football season is done (our team didn't make the playoffs...) and DD's practice schedule has decreased somewhat so that takes a bit of pressure off me. Then the holiday concert season will start - DS had a concert Thursday (XH went to that one) and DD has one this week (I'll go to that one) - unfortunately XH and I can't go at the same time as somebody has to mind the shop - but we are pretty good about sharing responsibilities in that regard.

Other than that, no big plans for this week, although B and I have talked about Thanksgiving. I think he's going to come here for Thanksgiving dinner - although I'm not sure if XH wants to have a Thanksgiving dinner with the kids - I'll have to ask him this week what his plans are, if any. The kids are off all that week and I'm unsure if they'll want to spend it at their father's - I guess I'll sort that out this week.

Hard to believe the year is about 6 weeks away from being over - where did it go???


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