look at porn behind her back and totally lie about it. Never make changes on my own....

Orchid: Ok, this is what you also wrote on your other thread.....
RLD1: I've read all the info and make great advancements, but my question is should she look forward to, and how does she stop feeling like I am just one of the many men that don't respect women, and she doesn't just want me to change my opinions because I am at the point of losing my "power" over her. She has read all of the info, also, and wanted what she saw me for when we got married. I was not that. "wolf in sheep's clothing.

Now you said you have 'read all the info and make great advancements'..... if that is true, you would know what to do. Maybe you need to read them again and this time do some phone counseling with Steve H @ MB. Why? Because you may not have read it all or read with the correct understanding.

An Xws realizes they have no power over the BS and family and tha most of the changes come from within and works hard to rebuld the trust.

You have not shown any of that.... so why should she want you back? I am not saying you shouldn't go back..... I am saying you should be able to give good reasons why you deserve to be let back into the family.