Woah, you are back to spinning this as you have been a saint and Froz is just unreasonable....

Thats the whole point Pat.

I don’t think so, but I have been through that several times already. To me, the point is I stopped the affair over 3 years ago. I have not relapsed. No matter where I have worked or been, I have not had ONE inappropriate email, phonecall, chat conversation, list of websites, google search, porn material or credit card expenditure that was the beginnings of or accrued during the conduct of an affair.

Hiding email from a female coworker, no matter how onesided is affair behavior, a lie, and attempt to control your wife - to keep her from making decisions for herself.

The fact that you felt you had to hide it screams to every logical person that there was something about those emails that was a problem. Froz was already uncomfortable with this woman's flirtatious behavior at a work function.

I think it highly unlikely that this woman flirted and sent you emails about her marriage with absolutely NO ENCOURAGEMENT FROM YOU.

Dr. Harley didn't see it your way either. This whole incident is why the Harleys have stepped up support for you and Froz. They aren't concerned about Froz's reaction, they are concerned about YOUR BEHAVIOR.

And deny it all you want, you sound like a sulky child.

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