I really LOVE the notion of REPARATIONS that Dr. Harley speaks about...

For some of US, with a childhood history of emotional abuse, and with it again occurring in ADULTHOOD, maybe MORE than EXTRAORDINARY PRECAUTIONS are necessary.

Just like Froz, I have done my part regarding PERSONAL RECOVERY. I'm less sensitive and irrational. I can take better care of MYSELF. However, it continues to be necessary for my H to take SPECIAL, SPECIAL CARE with me. He recognizes that. Plus, he has taken BOLD STEPS to evidence his LOVE of me and his SERIOUSNESS about RECOVERY. BOLD STEPS as are being recommended to you regarding FINANCES...so when I inevitably begin to question things, not very often, but I still do..I can LOOK at those BOLD STEPS..I have CONCRETE EVIDENCE...PROOF of his COMMITTMENT.

I made it happen..a joyful life..filled with peace, contentment, happiness and fabulocity.