You tricked her into marrying you.
And you are tricking her into staying with you.

My XH tricked me into marriage too. He was in the midst of an affair prior to and immediately following our wedding.
And (of course!) he had to lie -- otherwise I may have made a different choice. I cannot express to you how much resentment I have for his dishonesty. Getting married is one of the BIGGEST life decisions we make...and I got to make mine based on a LIE.

So we started our marriage with secrets and lies. My XH had a huge intimacy barrier between us. He was afraid to get too close to me, because I might discover his secret. So he kept me at arms length for our whole marriage. I felt unimportant, disregarded, and taken for granted. Those are all the things that led me to an affair of my own.
I destroyed my integrity. And it all could have been so different....

Don't keep secrets from your wife.

That she is still willing to work on this with you is a miracle.