Um, BDA...did you do what I suggested? (to get her to come to MC?)

You know, you really need to re-adjust your Plan A. Your Plan A is MUCH too dependant on what she throws at you as opposed to the way it SHOULD be...

Plan A is about YOU, not her. It is about finding the strength within YOURSELF. It is about putting her on ignore and KNOWING that you are what she needs whether SHE thinks that right now or not. Remember, she is not thinking clearly...she doesn't have a CLUE what she wants. You have to show her!! "Keep truckin" is NOT the right attitude. Change that to..."Ha! Look how she is acting...I know better! She is a lost soul and I am all the man she will EVAH need!" You do not verbalize must be actualized in your presence.

So, don't placate me with "You're right!" DO something to change your attitude and start winning this war. I am going to tell you FLAT the stage she is in right now (are you snooping to verify NC?), if you keep floundering and do not get yourself some confidance and control, you WILL lose this battle. And maybe the war.

I will say it again...maybe this time you will listen...


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