I determined yesterday to do that very thing. To do it for me. I am going to be the happy F I was. I did this last night. I am not going to give in to her unrational demands. I will do something with the kids whether she goes or not.

There is still contact with the OM. They still work together and he doesn't get transfered until late April or early May. She refuses to quit her job. They don't work directly together and their shifts differ slightly. They are in the store together 3 days a week. OM in the front, WW in the back. But I realize that's not the same as NC. She also has refused to move out. I won't move out. Everyone has been exposed that I know of. She won't go to MC right now. I don't know exactly why, but after the first meeting she really like the C. But she will not go now. If they contact each other it is in the store or from pay phones, but I do keep track elsewhere the best I can. So when I say keep truckin' I mean keep the Plan A happy F attitude and look for cracks to end the contact. Right now she is anxious one minute and depressed the next. But that's also why she won't quit.

I started to work out again. I've lost 32 lbs. I will improve for our marriage or my next one.

BS (me) : 43yo
WW: 41 yo
married 17+ yrs
D-Day #1 ONS Aug 03
D-Day #2 Dec 5, 2007
Four kids: 14 yo Son, 11 yo Son, 7 yo Daughter, 5 yo son

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