Just a short story for you BDA. Before I knew about my WW A, back when I believed the "I love you but not in love with you" crap and didn't know what was going on: we'd have good days, good weeks even. Things would start to seem like they were going back to normal, and then for no reason I could understand they'd go right back to crappy again. These cycles would go for weeks sometimes, and I'd start to relax my guard and hope again. I don't know exactly what was happening, but I am pretty sure this all had to do with the ebbs and flows of the A. What I DO know is that it stopped when the A stopped, and not a second before.

So don't read much, if anything, into her changes in mood towards you while she is still in contact with OM. Keep up on Plan A, as it will still cause conflict within her, but don't allow yourself to be thrown off by her temporary "niceness".