well, I do not mean to be insensitive to you...but since you are not married and you failed the "interview" in the most horrible way possible, I truly would hope that your fiance take control of his own happiness by ending his relationship with both you and his friend.

If your fiance has any self respect he will most likely send you packing and the best thing you could do is apologize and leave if that what he wants.

I'd like to add that I'm one of those who chose to stay in a similar circumstance - only to go through an even worse experience with my wayward spouse 12 years into our M, when 2 children, joint property and the several years we invested in each other made it a lot more difficult to walk away. We're recovering now, I think, but I'm going to be haunted for a long time with the feeling that it was my decision years ago to NOT walk away when I got the "preview" that's led to me ending up in this situation that I find myself now.

So, even if your betrayed fiance doesn't have the strength to let go, perhaps you need to do it - and spare him from quite likely going through even worse misery again in the future with you.

(see "MiM's Story" for more details)