Yes I have asked her. She says she is not leaving. My problem is that I know, she knows, this A is over and wouldn't work out anyway. But she has to get her fix every couple of weeks. We are going to counseling and she told me and the MC'er last night she would not call him anymore. Well we'll see.

She hasn't done much to build trust with me. Plus I can tell when she's had contact. She treats me not so good. This last time I felt things were really getting better. Then Sunday night, she calls him and talks for 45 minutes. It's been pretty ruff on me and I'm not sure how much more I can take.

We'll see if she keeps this promise. She doesn't have a good track record though. She thinks I should understand that she would slip. I just asked if it was ok If I started calling women from work just to chat. The answer is "No". Then I remind her that I haven't even had an A with any of them, so why can't she see my point?

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