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Well, she never would make a committment to our marriage. She wanted a D. So I went to an online place that does a great job of putting all the paper work together for a uncontested D. My W is being very civil and wants to remain friends. I agree.

A feature of all waywards, and sometimes even former-waywards, is that they're driven by their feelings, and rarely spend much time thinking about the consequences of their actions. If anything, more time is spend on finding ways to AVOID the consequences of their actions.

With that in mind, I might have approached that D-talk differently, and basically point out what the future was likely going to be like (e.g. lower quality of living, etc.), if she hadn't thought about that already.

I certainly would not have agreed to "remain friends" or do any of the D-work for her.

(see "MiM's Story" for more details)