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I did this repeatedly...and I love physical touch as my biggest symbol of acceptance and love. <<CUT>>
I have written of this many times on MB and feared sounding crazy. I stroked my own hair, caressed my own cheek. I went through my day at work, crying at my desk, outside on my break. I said "I am" five times aloud a day, at different times. I was breaking a deep enmeshment with my WH. Felt like surgery with a paperclip; long, painful and poorly done.

Was done, though. See as long as I looked to my partner to complete me, I wouldn't have healthy boundaries, experience equal and be in reality. And yes, I yearned, as you do now, to be touched (then I existed), be told I was loved (so I was), acknowledged and to matter to him. So I would matter.


Thank you LA, i just did this (stroking my cheek and neck) and I can't exlain it, but I felt better.
Thank you

Recovered marriage, recovering self, life gets better everyday laugh