Well, in more ethereal terms, the truth would be your core essence, the truth about you that has nothing to do with any earthly goings on - the truth that you are human being, as valued as any other human being who has ever been born, and that your truth is amazing and miraculous. Oy, LA says this stuff much better!

When I'm having a bad time, I use this philosophy to step back from 'me' and all its trouble and baggage, and look at 'real me' in perspective to the whole world, and my issues don't seem so bad. Kind of like counting your blessings. I'm alive; I'm not sick; I have the capacity to make a difference in this world somehow (just have to figure what it is); I HAVE made a difference for some people; I live in a great country; I have the option to move anywhere in the world and start over if I want; I could go back to school and learn to be a landscape designer like I really want, if I choose to; etc.

Kind of like when I say divorce isn't death. Yes, it hurts you to the core. It may make you want to die. But it isn't death. Death is the ultimate punishment/result, so anything short of that is you getting another chance to wake up the next day and find a new future for yourself.

That's what meditation can help you find - that peace of mind, the truth of you in this world, taking you out of the emotion you're in and moving you over to the thoughts. Hope that makes sense.

The book I recommended is all about mindfulness, which is what I think you could benefit from. Here's some info on mindfulness and meditation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mindfulness