Have you safeguarded your marriage from possible contact by OW? Changed email addresses, cell and phone numbers?

Home phone is different and unlisted. Address is different. City is different. Deleted any and everything online that she could trace us through. H's cell phone IS his business so we didn't change the number, but she hasn't tried to call. H blocked her on email...he doesn't use the one that she used the most, but she COULD find his business email because he has a website and she knows the company name. If she wanted to, she COULD find a way to contact him, but we've tried to make it really hard.

refer him to Dr. Harley's book

I would be nervous that OW might find the MB website and find me...my email is the same as my username here and she knows my email if she looks back at the one that I sent her the day after d-day.


BW 37 (Me).
F?WH 35.
06/97 Married.
Three sons...4, 5, and 7.
06/04 EA begins (Unknown to me).
02/10/05 D-Day EA (Unknown PA).
02/24/08 D-Day LTA 3+ YEARS! (same OW).