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Straightforward person or not, for someone who has just lived Dday, your "composure" says a lot about you and your recent description of your career plans enforces that. You want a clean cookie-cutter marriage that earns at least 6% annual return. I think you want to save the M not to save the M but because divorce would prove you had failed. It would invalidate your life's entire premise.

WH is not what you want because he didn't buy into your 10 year business plan and you are not what he wants because he actually wants companionship.

You don't live together. You don't want to have a family together. What is it you are trying to save? A Norman Rockwell picture?

My sister was a CPA whose number one priority was money. She married another CPA whose number one priority was money. What a recipe for disaster! (and it was).

There is a lot that you could learn here so your next relationship might have a better chance of success.

We'll have to agree to disagree on the reason for my composure. I don't know how else to explain it other than I don't like to dwell in misery. In fact, I thought that was the entire purpose of Plan A - to focus on improving yourself so that you don't resort to being a complete basket case. You become a better you to make yourself more attractive to your spouse, right?

We live together now. Not sure why you think that we still live apart. And I'm not sure why us being childfree is an issue either. I never said that money was my number one priority. What is wrong with being ambitious? I'm really confused. I didn't realize that you had to have certain qualifications to seek help on this site. I thought it was designed to help anyone who wants to save or improve their marriage. I realize that I've made mistakes, but that is why I'm here.

So I think that the original intent of my post has been lost in the string of criticisms. I'll pose the question again so that hopefully, someone out there can help me. Are there any threads available that discuss WS's desire to start over and address whether or not this feeling is a symptom of the fog?