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I would say that in your Plan A you should LOOK for ways for your WH to meet your needs (i.e., WH, I've got this problem and I just can't figure it out (computer, whatever) will you help me? See? You may be able to do it just fine... there's nothing wrong with letting your husband be a man. He may feel emasculated by your independence. I know, because I was that way prior to my H's affair(s).

Hope I'm not jumping to conclusions too soon, but I think this method might actually work. Like I said before, he heavily depends on me for decision making. So last night before we went out, I told him to pick out something for me to wear. Usually, I never ask his opinion on things like that AND he relies on me to tell him what to wear. So naturally, I got a funny look and a reply 'you don't need me to dress you'. So I told him that I wanted to be his Barbie doll and need for him to dress me. Surprisingly, he did (not physically of course, he just selected something for me for once instead of me giving him direction on what to do). Do you know the funny thing is he picked out exactly what I was going to wear? Perhaps we are on the same page a lot more than I thought.

Back to the point - during the course of the evening, he seemed a lot more attentive and affectionate than he has been over the last month. He reached to hold my hand first. He even put his arms around me a couple of times. And he was generous with compliments as well. It seemed like his attitude towards me shifted from 'old friends' to 'romantic'. And this morning, when I asked him how he was feeling, he told me he was great. I was really surprised because his answer since he arrived is usually just 'fine' or 'okay'.

Not sure if this means anything, but I'll keep trying it out. I will not get my hopes up though. I've been blindsided too many times already to let my guard down.

So thanks for the tip princessmeggy. I appreciate your support.