That's really good news! My wife and I are fans of The Biggest Loser tv show, and to do a local version of it takes making a commitment. This is a big step for her.

One thing we like about the TV show is watching people reclaim their lives after years of unhappiness and passivity. I think this is big step for your wife in reclaiming her life and happiness, and even if she doesn't fully realize it yet. She is actually doing something now and not wallowing in passivity as she has been!

I agree with the others that she was most likely inspired by you and your efforts to do this.

I hope it works out really well for her... and by extension for your marriage!

Me: 41, INFP
Her: 46, ESFJ
Married 6/95
B-G Twins
4 yrs recovered from serious neglect on my part.
So happy together!