Hey, hold, first of all, congrats to your wife for making a change. Whether or not she has an agenda behind it, it's a change for the better in terms of her health and well-being, and hopefully that will have a halo effect for your marriage.

I don't have a whole lot of weight to lose, but I'm not getting any younger and things are shifting around. LOL Plus, all the financial and relationship stress is taking its toll. So I've also embarked on a rigorous weight management and fitness program. I've been active my whole life and in fact, have some fitness training certification, so I can handle this on my own. But I tell you this because, although I am at the end of my rope re: my marriage, I am not doing this in preparation for my next relationship. I *am* doing it so that I can feel better about myself---and hopefully that will serve me well if things do complletely fall apart this year for us. Perhaps your wife has some of the same motivations. But as I said, the halo effect could be good for both of you.

Happy New Year!