Cool! She still cares enough to want you to care whether she gets hit on; and you still care enough to not want her to get too close to a divorced guy. She also came out and told you about it, rather than hiding it and perhaps getting involved.

Except I just remembered that sometimes at the very beginning, won't WS's start telling their spouses about "that guy/girl at work" etc? Yes, monitoring is a good idea.

You paid her a huge compliment here:

told her that is why I am opposed to it even if he does have innocent intentions today. No way he could help but have urges spending all that time with her.

I am sooooo glad you are being H&O with her about why you don't show affection like she wants. Do you think she's starting to hear?

I wonder, is the atmosphere in your home a bit better nowadays? Your posts sound like it might be.

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