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She still cares enough to want you to care whether she gets hit on; and you still care enough to not want her to get too close to a divorced guy. She also came out and told you about it, rather than hiding it and perhaps getting involved.

Yes, it is nice that she told me. She wanted to get a rise out of me. I gave her what she wanted. See, I have learned something from MB.

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You paid her a huge compliment here:

told her that is why I am opposed to it even if he does have innocent intentions today. No way he could help but have urges spending all that time with her.

I used to give her these types of compliments all the time. Means nothing positive to her. She knows men want her. She doesn't take that as a compliment. She takes it as an indictment of men.

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I am sooooo glad you are being H&O with her about why you don't show affection like she wants. Do you think she's starting to hear?

No. Negotiating for me to provide more affection and affirmation and conversation and recreational companionship would require her to offer behavior in return that she remains unwilling / unable to offer. Until she is ready to go there, it makes no difference if she intellectually understands why I am not providing what she wants.

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I wonder, is the atmosphere in your home a bit better nowadays? Your posts sound like it might be.

No. The atmosphere in my head is slightly better. But that is based on my withdrawal, not on us getting along better.

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