Mrs. Hold lost slightly over 2 pounds the first week. Hard to tell if she is happy or disappointed. Since she did not exercise before this, she has plenty of room for fitness improvement. She will probably be gaining muscle mass fairly quickly at first given the huge increase in exercise (she went every day last week, yesterday the team had a 2 hour workout, and she was back there today)). So even though she might not lose so much weight, she will lose size and reallocate from fat to muscle. Much healthier.

Good for her. I am proud of her. And she is right on pace to lose the total amount she hopes to lose over the 8 weeks. She isn't looking to win the contest. Just using the team spirit and accountability to facilitate a changed lifestyle. I hope it works for her.

Funny anecdote: the ladies on her team were discussing which brand of sports bra they use. Mrs. Hold announced what she was wearing, and apparently it was something that one of the women had never heard of. That woman walked up to Mrs. Hold, grabbed the front of her shirt, pulled it forward and took a look down her front. The woman then exclaimed "wow, you have big ones. I guess what you are wearing isn't relevant to me." I am still trying to figure out how she hadn't noticed my wife's chest before looking down her shirt. I am sure every heterosexual guy notices my wife's chest from about 3 blocks away!

Today is Mrs. Hold's birthday. I got her a cashmere scarf and a carry bag, both in her team's color. Tonight the kids and I will take her out to dinner. Not the big celebration (or gift) she wishes for. But more than appropriate for the circumstances.

When you can see it coming, duck!