Interesting point, regarding chatting up both men and women. Why do we so often treat the other sex as "different", or somehow mystifying?

My paradigm has always been to speak to women no differently than I would another guy (we're talking relative strangers or those we don't know too well, of course.) No pageantry, or extravagant courting tactics, or profound protocols based on addressing the opposite sex. It takes the edge off, and makes conversation much
easier. Save the extravagance for the next steps, when there is a mutual interest.

When I was dating, I wouldn't make a formal affair of asking the woman out. "Would you like to have dinner with me?" Ack.

Instead, I would do as I would with anyone: "Let's grab a beer later on."

Keeping it light and interesting works well in generating interest.

Anyway, the woman on the plane was actually saying that she found you attractive and she would date you in favorable circumstances.
Good job, Hold! A couple of years ago you were fretting that nobody would date you if you were single. You've come a long, long way.