I know. I have plenty of growing to do. A mature healthy integrated me could appreciate the compliments from her without yearning for more. I am not there yet.

I am getting better at accepting compliments from others. Not yet ready to allow myself to be open to compliments from Mrs. Hold. Too much resentment left. If I let myself "hear" her compliments, my reaction is to think nasty thoughts about what she should be doing instead if she really wants to show her appreciation. From her, verbal compliments feel like scraps and crumbs. I am not interested in scraps and crumbs. I know those thoughts are within me and not part of the content she is transmitting. But they are within me. And I would rather ignore her compliments than deal with the fallout within me.

It's okay your not there yet, but don't be afraid to face those demons within yourself..even IF she doesn't change..it will help you in long run.

Simul Justus Et Peccator
“Righteous and at the same time a sinner.”
(Martin Luther)