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Mrs. Hold cannot really help you with your resentments. Forget about what that means and work on yourself.

I am. It is just alot easier if I wall off the Mrs. Hold part. That will be the hardest part of the resentment to let go. So I am going to tackle it last. Not asking her to help me let go (my prior strategy which we all know is futile). Not even asking her to stay out of my way. Not asking her for anything.

This morning I felt a lesion on my privates. She took a look at it (she has seen many more guy privates than I have, and she knows more about the STD I feared I caught from her). She was concerned and told me to see the doctor. It was entirely clinical. She touched me, and emotionally I pretty much felt nothing. To me, that felt like progress.

When you can see it coming, duck!