I recently discovered Verizon Ringbacks on my cell phone. As I discovered, the really cool part is you can have custom ringbacks for certain people! Here's some from the last month for whenever STBXWW calls:

1. Dueling Banjo's (OM is WW's 2nd cousin) Luckily WW still has not figured out the reference.

2. Spiderwebs (No Doubt) "It's all your fault, I screeeeeeen my phone calls!" This is good choice for those who are in a Dark Plan B as well.

3. Throwing it All Away - Genesis

Me BH 35 WW 36
Married 1998
DS 2002
DD 2005
D Day 1 7/28/08
D Day 2 8/19/08

Divorce Final 3/19/2009