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Yesterday was week 3 weigh in. Mrs. Hold lost 1.8 pounds, for 6 pounds total. I congratulated her profusely. So did D and S.

Mrs. Hold is disappointed, because she lost the least (both absolutely and by % of body weight) of anyone on her team. As far as I can tell, she is not eating too much or bad food choices. And she exercises hard every day. So it seems to be a body chemistry thing. She has always been borderline low thyroid. I told her to go to the doctor, bring the list of weight loss contestants and say "I may be only borderline low for the 'average person', but I am clearly low for me - give me something." Thoughts?

How much weight does she need to lose? If she is working out (even minimally) every day, and cutting back on her calories, I am surprised she is not losing more--especially if she has a lot to lose total. I would definitely see the doctor.

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